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she’s still little

she's still little
Everly is 9 months old now, and some days she doesn’t feel like much of a baby.

She’s off – my little adventurer, explorer. No time for snuggles, books, or games of peek-a-boo. She has a big sister to catch, and new worlds to conquer.


But then there are the mornings she wakes up a little sleepy and nuzzles into my shoulder. The moments she peers around corners to make sure I’m following as she crawls away. The nights she calls “mamamamamam” when she needs comfort.

She’ll feel a little lighter in my arms or I’ll catch a wiff of that second-day sweet milky smell. My baby. 

As she reaches each new stage of babyhood, a piece of my mama heart breaks. But the pain of a broken heart is soon replaced with the joy of watching my baby grow. It seems to go SO fast, but today, she’s still little.

Mamas, can you relate? What do you do when your baby isn’t a baby anymore?

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