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Snack Time Fun: Shape and Color Skills Game {+ FREE Printable}



Hey mamas! I hope you have had an awesome week! We have a busy weekend ahead of us, but I wanted to pop in today with a fun snack time activity to do with your kiddos! I created this fun little game that combines color recognition, shape identification, fine motor skills, and most importantly – a yummy snack ;) 

Fine motor skills: shape and color game
Pepperidge Farm has these awesome bags of Goldfish crackers filled with four fun colors – orange (like we all know and love), yellow, green, and red! They’re all made with 100% real cheese with colors derived from plants.

Goldfish crackers also happen to be perfect for practicing shape and color skills. They’re like teeny tiny building blocks ;)

Goldfish snack and color game

Snack Time Color and Shape Game

To get started, grab yourself a bag of Goldfish crackers and then download, print, and cut out your game cards! It couldn’t be easier!

The game cards include 8 shapes and 4 colors. Simply have your child choose one shape card and one color card. Then, use the Goldfish crackers to create the corresponding design.

So… a red color card + a heart shape card = a red heart! 

Shape and color snack time game

Mix up the cards to create endless combinations! And don’t forget that you can eat your creation once it’s done!

Snack time shape and color game

Want more?

Once your kiddo has mastered their shapes and colors, you can tell them about all of the interesting ways Pepperidge Farms has used plants to give Goldfish crackers their colors!

Red: red beet juice concentrate and paprika extracted from sweet red peppers
Green: watermelon & Huito (wee-toe) juice concentrates mixed with extracted Turmeric
Yellow: extracted Turmeric.

Color and shape snack time game

What’s your favorite color?

Plant Your Vote” for your favorite Goldfish cracker color! Just visit this website, click your favorite color, and wait to see which one wins! The color with the most votes will get its own limited edition bag at select retailers this spring.

Let me know if you download the cards and try the game! :)

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xoxo joanna


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