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Making School Days Special


Well mamas, my girls officially made it through their first week of school, and we’re trucking away through week two! Eleanor is in 4/5’s preschool this year and Everly is doing a day of Kids Day Out. So what has changed since summer? Well, for one, we can’t stay in our pajamas until noon ;)

Other than that, there are lunches to be prepped, backpacks to round up, and two distractible little ladies to herd out the door by 9am. A bit crazy, but a lot of fun! In all of the hustle and bustle of our new routine, I don’t just want to survive school days – I want them to be special!

Here’s how we’re making school days special…

Our morning “table time” is still working like a charm, and while they’re occupied, I have the chance to get the girls’ lunches prepped and packed. They look forward to a new activity, and I love thinking of new messages to leave them on the magnet board.

It became clear after the first week of class that the girls really missed our quiet, together time in the mornings, so this week we’ve also made a point of sitting down to read aloud a few library books before jetting off to school. This extra contact with each other has been appreciated all around :)

And maybe the most fun (and certainly most delicious) way I’ve tried to make school days special is to give the girls a strong start with a yummy breakfast. It can be difficult to get them to focus long enough to eat anything before school, but they have both LOVED toasting up some Pepperidge Farm Swirl Oatmeal Bread.

The Maple and Brown Sugar Swirl flavor is been a big hit, but I’ll bet they’ll gobble down the Apple Cinnamon Swirl just as fast ;)

These swirled slices of heaven are baked with whole grains and are a good source of fiber. They’re perfect all on their own, but they really seem to be begging to be made into french toast or something equally as delicious! That might be a project for next week…

Deal Alert

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Take a peek inside our special school mornings!

I hope all you mamas are enjoying this back to school season and pick up something special to make your mornings a little sweeter :)

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xoxo joanna

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