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storybook christmas countdown

Yes, I know… another Christmas post before Thanksgiving. But you’ll be happy I shared this with you today because now you have plenty of time to get this little project pulled together before December 1st!

My sister Rachel came up with a simple, cute idea for a Christmas countdown: wrap up 25 books and open 1 per night to read together as a family until Christmas day! Yep, it’s that easy!

storybook christmas countdown
Rachel got us off to a good start by sending up 13 brand new books for Eleanor – already wrapped too, so it will be a surprise for all of us! She found some good deals on little box sets at Costco and Little Golden Books are a trusty standby.

storybook christmas countdown
The remaining 12 books will be a mixture of Christmas books we already have and other favorites pulled from Eleanor’s shelves. So no, not all 25 books need to be new. You can do whatever mix you like – unwrapping and reading is fun no matter what!

storybook christmas countdown
I have a pretty good start on what I want to wrap up, but the book lover in me probably won’t be able to resist ordering a few more off Amazon before December hits ;)

storybook christmas countdown
We’ll be storing our Christmas countdown books in this cute candy cane striped tote – hopefully that will keep our little Miss from opening EVERY gift under the tree before Christmas :)

I’m already looking forward to grabbing some cocoa, choosing a book, and sitting under the Christmas lights to read as a family – time together is really what this season is about after all!

Your turn:

What book would you recommend me to add to the mix?
Do you do any sort of Christmas (or other holiday) countdown?


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