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Was Summer a Success? Get Outside!

Thank you CLIF Kid for sponsoring this post. Be sure to check out the new CLIF Kid Zbar Filled and encourage your kids to get outside and play!

At the beginning of summer, I did a premortem exercise. I envisioned that is was September and I was looking back over the past three months and determined that summer had been a total failure. What went wrong?

I know this sounds extremely negative, but bear with me ;)

I thought about not packing enough picnics, not going on enough family walks, and not filling up the backyard pool. I thought about missed sidewalk chalk masterpieces, never running through the sprinklers, and leaving the bikes in the garage. That would be a failed summer.

So what did I learn? The single most important key to a successful summer was to GET OUTSIDE!

CLIF Kids are a great snack for active preschoolers

And boy did we commit! The girls are at a great age to just go-go-go, the weather has been nearly ideal all summer long, and there are so many options for outdoor fun that it’s impossible to get bored.

Sometimes we venture out for a big excursion, but more often than not we’re doing something simple like riding bikes up and down the street. Either way, we all feel better just being outside!  

CLIF Kids make a great summer snack

The more we go-go-go, the more I’ve needed to plan ahead with snacks to fuel my active little ladies. CLIF Kid Zbar Filled have been a game changer. They are so easy to throw in a bag (or bike basket) to take along for whatever adventure we’re embarking on!

CLIF Kids for eating on-the-go

The CLIF Kids Zbar Filled are soft-baked bars full of yummy nut butter. We’ve tried all three varieties over the course of the summer: chocolate peanut butter, apple almond butter, and double peanut butter.

My girls both agree that the apple almond butter is their fave, so now I’m questioning if they’re even my kids. (Not the chocolate peanut butter?!)

CLIF Kids for your active preschooler

No matter what flavor your kids decide is their favorite, us moms can rest easy knowing they’re certified USDA organic, non-GMO, and do not contain ingredients like high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors.

CLIF Kids fuels bike rides

I have one more week of summer with my girls, and you better believe picnics, bike rides, and outdoor art projects are still top priority!

I suppose it’s just about time for me to do the same premortem exercise for fall! What will our family need to do to make the next season just as much of a success? Whatever we decide, I’m sure CLIF Kid Zbar Filled will be along for the ride ;)

CLIF Kids fuel outdoor play

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xoxo joanna

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