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The Most Interesting Thing About Me

I’ve had a realization lately: The most interesting thing about me can’t be my kids.

When I meet new people or catch up with old friends, I do a rundown of my girls’ lives. New milestones, what they’re currently loving, and maybe a funny anecdote from the week. And then I draw a blank.

Sometimes I’ll talk about my husband and his career, but after that I’m pretty much out of ideas. I’m at a loss about what to say about myself. Not “mom Joanna” or “wife Joanna,” but just me.

I am incredibly proud of my role as a mother, but I do not want it to be the most interesting thing about me. Pre-kids, I had an abundance of hobbies. I ran as many races as possible throughout our summers in Milwaukee, I signed up for a CSA to try cooking with new vegetables, I taught myself to sew, and I was working on creating more environmentally-friendly habits. That’s even when I began blogging!

the most interesting thing about me
It’s natural that priorities change after having kids, but I’ve realized that I have let it go too far for too long.

My first step? Setting up my sewing machine for the first time in nearly 3 years. I’ve been creating my own patterns and having a ton of fun!

I hope that I can build on this creative momentum and continue finding things that are uniquely “Joanna” and bring me joy.

Makingmine has always been an invaluable outlet for me, and I plan on sharing every step of the way! And the next time I see you, hopefully I’ll have a bit more to talk about ;)

What’s one thing that’s uniquely YOU?

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xoxo joanna

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