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3 Ways We Use The Original Learning Tower {each and every day}

This post was sponsored by Little Partners. All opinions are my own :)

Out of all of the “kid” products we use in our house on a daily basis, our Little Partners Original Learning Tower ranks right up there with the dollhouse and snack basket (and that’s saying something)!

Three Ways We Use The Original Learning Tower (each and every day)

A Multitude of Fun

Although we have an official “storage” spot for our Original Learning Tower, it doesn’t find it’s way back there very often. Most of the time, it’s out and ready for use! Both girls clamor into their little tower multiple times a day.

It’s like a step-stool, but so, SO much more! They watch me prep dinner, lend a hand with chores, and sometimes even pretend to be Rapunzel stuck up in her tower. And although I’m probably the only one in the family who cares, it’s a beautiful piece of furniture that looks great in our home :)

How we use The Original Learning Tower

Our three favorite ways to use the Original Learning Tower

In all of the craziness that happens around here on a daily basis, I can just about guarantee you’ll see the girls using our Learning Tower in each of the following ways:

1. Helping out with the chores

Whether it be rinsing the recyclables or sorting the silverware, the Learning Tower allows Eleanor the independence she needs to help out around the kitchen. And at three years old, the more she can do on her own, the better! She loves getting special jobs to do and takes pride in her work.

How we use The Original Learning Tower: Rinsing Dishes

2. Mixing something up delicious in the kitchen

Both my girls thoroughly enjoy baking, and the Learning Tower allows them to be right up in the action. The extra height allows them to stand at our kitchen island and pour, sprinkle, mix, and lick the spoons without any fear of toppling over!

How we use The Original Learning Tower: Baking with mom

3. Doing a craft with mama

Some crafts just require a bit of extra room, so we’ll head over to the kitchen counter to spread out our work space. Eleanor can reach anything and everything she needs from the Learning Tower, and I have the peace of mind that clean-up will be a breeze!

How we use The Original Learning Tower: Crafts

Part of our routine

I honestly had no idea what an integral part of our day the Learning Tower would become! The step height is easily adjustable as the girls grow, so this handy tower will be helping us for years to come.

I’ve already seen Eleanor advance from standing up on the tower mixing a simple muffin recipe to cutting her own fruit for snack time. I have no doubt the Learning Tower will be the home of many great family memories!

And just in case you didn’t think the Learning Tower could get any better – check out these adorable accessories! My girls would flip for these :)

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xoxo joanna

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