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to be completely honest

Our family is currently in a strange season of life – kind of stuck in limbo. We’ve been pretty stressed about selling the house and getting ready for our impending move.  And to be completely honest, most days I feel like my brain is functioning at about 50%! Here are a few other honest truths…

To be completely honest, my house has NEVER been cleaner. I swear the house selling/showing process is housekeeping bootcamp. Here’s to hoping I can keep the next house just as clean ;)

To be completely honest, I think my girls are starting to feel the stress. Eleanor has fallen asleep midmorning on my lap the past few days. The last time that happened was… a year ago? I’m trying to make sure that everything remains pretty seamless for the girls, but that’s difficult when the entire house is rearranged and 90% of their toys are in storage.

To be completely honest, I have never been more thankful to live near family. All of our parents have been awesome with lending a hand on house projects and keeping our girls happy, snuggled, and fed.

To be completely honest, Jeff and I have made a pact to go to the gym EVERY day until Christmas. We both have all or nothing personalities, and since the gym has just NOT been making the cut recently, we decided to go all in! Wish us luck (and the girls too – they will need to adjust to the child care center all over again)!

To be completely honest, I’m SUPER excited for Thanksgiving! We get to celebrate with both sides of our family which is always a treat! Plus, delicious food ;)

Your turn:
Tell me a truth :)


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