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today I know I’m pregnant

There’s a funny thread on one of the pregnancy message boards I follow that always puts a smile on my face. Ever since we started connecting with each other around 6 -7 weeks, there has been an ongoing stream of “today I know I’m pregnant” posts. They range from bizarre cravings to not so funny aches and pains.

today i know i'm pregnant
I’ve been jotting down a few of my own over the past few weeks, so today you get an inside look at the ramblings of a pregnant lady ;)

Today I know I’m pregnant because…

…I legitimately had a dream this afternoon about eating chocolate covered strawberries (and I was sad to wake up)

…I ordered 5 pairs of pajamas online because that’s all I want to wear the next 3 months

…Sour Patch Kids are their own food group

…I’m considering wearing a CamelBak to expedite my water intake

…I can only sleep in any one position for 30 minutes

…I’m always acutely aware of the nearest bathroom

…I have no clue what day of the week it is, but I can tell you precisely how many weeks until I’m due

…being routinely kicked in the bladder or jabbed in the ribs is standard

…my biggest fear is the bottle of orange glucose drink sitting in my fridge

…my bump has become a play area for Eleanor (see above)

…even water gives me heartburn at this point

Oh pregnancy – what a special time ;)

Have a great weekend! I’ll see you back here on Monday!


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