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toddler tasting tray

Does anybody else get tired of preparing the same old snacks for their kiddos? Well I certainly do! And recently I’ve gotten in the habit of grabbing not so healthy options for the sake of convenience. But a well-rounded snack doesn’t have to be complicated!

When OXO Tot sent me a few pieces from their toddler mealtime line, it sparked a new snack idea for Miss Eleanor! A toddler tasting tray! 

Ever since Eleanor was first learning how to self-feed, she has L O V E D dipping her food! Well, two years later and the obsession is still going strong. OXO Tot’s divided plate practically begs to be used for dip. It has three divided areas around the outside of the plate with a circular part in the center perfect for dips!

toddler tasting tray
The markings make it easy to see how many fruits, veggies, and proteins your little one should ideally be getting, but I decided to throw that philosophy out the window during snack time and load up on some fruits along with another one of Eleanor’s favorites – yogurt!

toddler tasting tray
I filled the center section with Stonyfield YoKids Vanilla yogurt and cut up apples, strawberries, and grapes for her to dip. Snack time success!

So far, we’ve been keeping it simple with plain yogurt, but this week we’re going to try one of these yummy dips:
Dark Chocolate Greek Yogurt Fruit Dip with Cinnamon and Spice
Apple Pie Yogurt Dip
Veggie Dip (for a veggie tasting tray)

They all look delicious and simple enough for Eleanor and I to make together!

 toddler tasting tray
OXO Tot also has great options for snacking on the go. Now that I’m back into a routine at Mommy Fitness, my girls eat snack at the studio three times a week. I usually pack Eleanor her water bottle, a cheese stick, and some Cheerios. This Flip-Top snack cup helps minimize the number of smashed Cheerios I find on the floor at the end of class ;)

I plan on using the “tasting tray” format to introduce the girls to new fruits and veggies – any ideas what to try next?

I’ve already put in an Amazon order for a second set of my new mealtime favorites! Gotta make sure Miss Everly is ready too! :)

xoxo joanna

*A special thanks to Stonyfield and OXO Tot for sponsoring today’s post!

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