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top 5 yoga poses for breastfeeding moms

Like many mamas, I’ve had varying degrees of back pain since having baby Everly (well, since getting pregnant really). The demands of motherhood can do a number on our bodies, and I know breastfeeding is partly to blame.

I spend countless hours hunched over trying to get in a good position for Everly to nurse. My poor posture combined with carrying around a growing baby leaves my back tight and sore by the end of the night.

I asked my friend Taron (yoga instructor / massage therapist / super mom) for her top yoga poses to relieve back pain. She was totally awesome and came over to my house to show me and even let me snap a few pictures to share with you ;)

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do – they’re seriously amazing!

top 5 yoga poses for breastfeeding moms
1. Eagle Arms

top 5 yoga poses for breastfeeding moms
This one looks more complicated than it is – just spread your arms out long, cross them over each other, and wrap them together with the backs of your hands touching.

Then squeeze your elbows and backs of hands together while slowing lifting up and down. This is a great pose for stretching out your traps and rhomboids.

2. Cow Face Pose

top 5 yoga poses for breastfeeding moms
This pose is great for tight shoulders and opening up your chest. Sit up nice and tall before crossing one arm over your shoulder and the other behind your side with your fingertips meeting in the middle. If this is too difficult, grab a burp cloth to add some extra length!

3. Supported Backbend

top 5 yoga poses for breastfeeding moms
You guys, I am REALLY good at the supported backbend ;)

But really, it feels awesome. Grab your Boppy and situate it under your back along your bra line. You can put your arms in cactus pose at 90 degree angles or straight out (whatever is comfortable to you). This is great for opening up your chest and is a good resting pose.

4. Half Bridge

top 5 yoga poses for breastfeeding moms
If you’re up for a bit of a workout, this is your pose! Lie on your back and press your heels into the ground. Lift your hips and tuck your shoulder blades together. Then interlace your fingers and press your hands into the ground.

Phew, nice work – now go do your supported backbend again ;)

5. Legs up the Wall

top 5 yoga poses for breastfeeding moms
Another favorite of mine (obviously). Just place your hips right up against the wall and rest your legs up against the wall. This pose is awesome for mamas who are on their feet all day.

You can hold the poses as long as their comfortable, but Taron’s rule of thumb is around 5 breaths. Repeat as often as you’d like! :)

Breastfeeding or not, moms’ bodies go through A LOT in 24 hours. I hope you can take some time for yourself each day to stretch out, rest, and RELAX!

Your turn:

How do you practice self-care each day?
Do you ever try yoga to relieve aches and pains?

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