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Traveling Light with Two Kids

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We’re at a glorious stage of baby/toddlerhood where we can pack up with little effort and head out for fun daily outings without bringing along all of our earthly possessions. I have my “get out the door fast” routine down to one child sized backpack and my favorite stroller + accessories.

Traveling with two kids

A Good Set of Wheels

How we get around while out and about is the biggest piece of the puzzle. We used our Baby Jogger City Select with the car seat attachment when Everly was an infant and then upgraded her to a second seat when she got solid head control. I loved each of these configurations, but the two seats just aren’t practical for most of our outings anymore.

Here’s where we’re at now:

Eleanor: just about 3 years old, loves to walk/run/skip/jump, tires quickly
Everly: 1 year old, novice walker, can’t be trusted, needs occasional containment, naps on-the-go ;)

Tips for outings with two kids

Our Stroller Solution

Our latest stroller configuration uses 1 Baby Jogger seat + the glider board attachment. It’s like a mini skateboard for Eleanor to ride on when she’s tired and fold away when she wants to walk – perfect for this toddler transition stage!

Glider boards are a favorite for toddlers
It’s easy to flip the board up and down with my toe, so Eleanor can hop on and off as often as she likes – and believe me, she takes FULL advantage of her newfound freedom!

Glider boards are a toddler's (and moms!) best friend! Flip the glider out of the way when you don't need it anymore!

How to Travel Light with Two Kids

My new stroller set-up is WAY less bulky than the two seater, but it’s nice to still have a “resting spot” for each of the girls – especially if we’re in for a long day at the zoo! Here are all the essentials I never leave the house without:

Everything you need to travel light with two kids
So whether she’s walking or riding, I have a happy toddler on my hands! With a few less things to carry around, I can’t wait to see what kind of adventures our family takes this summer!

Toddlers like to walk AND ride - see how we do both!

What are your essentials for outings with your kiddos? Find me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to continue the conversation!

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xoxo joanna

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