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water baby

Hello and happy Tuesday! I’m finally getting around to updating you on Jeff’s birthday celebration from earlier this month. The guy is pretty much impossible to shop for, so Eleanor and I hatched a scheme to plan a fun evening instead of a traditional gift.

Jeff loves nothing more than spending a day at the lake soaking up the sun. Unfortunately, we’re in Nebraska in February, so sun and sand were out of the question. We hit up the pool at the local YMCA instead. Eleanor had never been to a pool before, so the zero-depth entry was perfect!

water baby
Jeff was surprised and excited to take his little Miss swimming for the first time. She didn’t quite know what to think at first, but she warmed up quickly and loved “swimming” back and forth between mom and dad. The zero-depth was great for sitting and splashing too.

water baby
She wore out after about 30 minutes and became infatuated with the lifeguard. The poor high school boy didn’t know what to think of the baby trying to catch his eye, haha!

water baby
We want to make sure to keep giving Eleanor experience in the water. Both Jeff and I think learning to swim is super important and don’t want her to fear the water. We’ll have to get her enrolled in lessons soon! :)

water baby

Your turn:

Have you ever done an “experience” for a gift? What was it?
When did you start swimming lessons for your little ones?


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