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weekend house hop

I mentioned yesterday that our family had a busy weekend – two races and a housewarming party! I wanted to share the details of our party because it ended up being a blast! When we bought our house back in March, my husband Jeff had 4 cousins who were all closing on homes around the same time. Now Jeff has about a million cousins, but the fact that 5 of us were all moving in around the same time was still pretty impressive!

The idea of a progressive party got brought up so that the whole family could check out each other’s new digs. With Eleanor’s impending arrival in June, everyone was kind enough to hold off on partying until fall. We settled on September 21 and got to work planning! Jeff had been a part of several progressive parties back in Milwaukee, so he took charge. We decided that we would spend 1 hour at each house before “hopping” to the next. We allotted 30 minutes of drive time even though most houses were much closer than that. Each hosting home provided snacks and something to drink. Guests could get a little tour, chat, and of course, watch the Nebraska football game :)

It was so fun to see everybody’s homes. Each one had a completely different style and personality. The food was awesome, and everybody had a great time! My mom was a huge help and came into town on Friday to help me get the house in order. It’s a bit embarrassing just how much cleaning I had to do – NOT letting it get that out of hand again!

Beyond dusting every surface in our house, my mom was also invaluable with getting the food in order. She even stayed up with me until midnight on Friday frosting a few dozen house and key sugar cookies! (If you want to know the Julie Olson secret to frosting perfection – it’s using a baby spoon for spreading!)

house hop frosting

Now for the important part, the menu! At our home we served Spinach Artichoke Dip, Buffalo Chicken Dip, sugar cookies, pub mix, and because no event of mine would be complete without them: cupcakes! We also mixed up the strawberry sangria served at our wedding and had some yummy apple cider on hand as a non-alcoholic option.

house hop food

We left the house immediately before our stop a little early to prepare, but we didn’t have much to do! The desserts were prepared earlier in the day, and I had already pre-portioned the pub mix (a Costco fave). The buffalo dip was made in the crock pot, and the spinach dip came together very quickly on the stovetop. All that was left was mixing up the sangria!

house hop food

The weather was perfect and it was a blast sharing our home with our extended family. Jeff set up ladder golf in the backyard and kids of all ages enjoyed our swing set! While I probably won’t be hosting this many people again for quite some time, it really made me miss entertaining. I could always use a good excuse to make cupcakes :)

If you think you’d like the recipes for yourself:

Spinach and Artichoke Dip
Buffalo Chicken Dip
Cookies ‘n Creme Cupcakes
Cupcake Frosting
Sugar Cookie Dough & Frosting

Your turn:

Have you ever taken part in a progressive party? I hadn’t, but I’d definitely do it again!
What are your favorite foods to make when entertaining?


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