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Why I Create With My Kids

Not a Pinterest mom? Me neither.

Why I Create With My Kids
Today I’m talking about messy, inventive, free flowing CREATING! The kind where my kids can just be kids. There are no instructions, no step-by-step guides, no exemplars, and no goals.

I try to give my girls the opportunity to create every single day. Depending on the day (and how much mess I want to clean up), I’ll get out a different mix of supplies: paints, markers, paper, scissors, etc. Then I just set the girls free – the rest is completely up to them! That’s where the good stuff is ;) 

So WHY do I love creating so much?

I connect with my kids

Sitting at the kitchen table while Eleanor colors or paints is often where I’m able to have the best conversations with her. She’s not engaged in any sort of pretend play, so we’re really able to talk. She’s relaxed yet attentive. We catch up on her morning at preschool, talk about fun plans for the weekend, or negotiate what to watch during our next movie night.

It’s frustration free 

This is the part that I believe separates “creating” apart from “projects.” In my experience, when I set up a specific project for the girls to do, it’s rarely a relaxing endeavor. With a specific goal in mind, I have a hard time keeping my hands off and not running the show.

It’s also difficult to tailor a cute Pinterest craft to the specific abilities of my girls which often leads to frustration on their part. I think these projects (like making gifts for grandparents) can be great opportunities for learning different skills, but I prefer to do them sparingly.

It cultivates imagination and creativity

Without a set “goal” for our little art sessions, it’s totally up to the girls as to what they create. I see them experiment with the materials in different ways – finding out what works and what doesn’t. It’s fun to see them change their techniques and watch their processes evolve. I also love to hear Eleanor explain to me what her finished product means – preschoolers can sure be deep sometimes ;)

If you’re looking to expand your art supplies, here are a few of our favorites: 

What are your kiddo’s favorite ways to create?

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xoxo joanna

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