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why wait?

While going through a box of my childhood belongings, I stumbled across my favorite coloring books. I loved was obsessed with trolls as a kid, so when my parents gave me two troll coloring books, they quickly became my most cherished possessions. So much so, that I never, EVER made a mark in them.

why wait

If I wanted a page to color, I would either beg my parents to make a photocopy or else trace the page myself. I didn’t want to “use up” such a special book or worse yet, make a mistake and forever ruin its pristine troll beauty.

My parents say I was always this way. I would clutch candy in my hand so long it would melt before I could eat it and had a whole box of stickers just waiting for the perfect surface to “stick.”

So what’s my point?

I’ve realized that I’m still very much the same way. I have candles waiting for the right time to burn. Serving plates waiting for the perfect dessert. And a china cabinet full of beautiful dishes waiting for a special dinner.


I don’t want to live my life waiting for the perfect moment.

I want to get my napkins dirty while hosting a family dinner. I want to break a wine glass during a card game with friends. I want to make holes in my walls hanging one too many family photos. I want to take pictures with Eleanor even when I haven’t had the chance to do my hair.

If this blog has taught me anything, it’s that life isn’t a series of Hallmark moments, but every day can be beautiful in its own way.

Maybe I’ll even get the courage to color a beloved troll :)

Your turn:

Are you a “saver” like me? Or are you the type of person who seizes the moment?
Any suggestions for a hoarder such as myself? :) 


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