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Yogurt Cup Thanksgiving Turkey Craft & Snack

This post is sponsored by Stonyfield, a brand my kids and I love! All content and opinions are my own.

Hey mamas! I’m so happy you popped by today because I have a super cute {and easy} Thanksgiving turkey craft that doubles as a delicious snack. And we all know crafts you can eat are the very best kind ;)

How to make a yogurt cup Thanksgiving turkey craft and snack

Now that I’m coming off my Halloween sugar rush, and all of my goblins and ghosts are safely tucked away until next year, it’s officially time to dive into Thanksgiving!

I was trying to think of a healthy snack I could provide for our play group kiddos this month, and Stonyfield yogurt was the very first thing that came into my mind. Kids love it, moms love serving it, and I had a great idea for transforming it into an adorable Thanksgiving-themed snack.

So grab your kiddos (they can definitely help) and get ready for some turkey time fun!

Yogurt Cup Thanksgiving Turkey Craft & Snack

What you need to get started


Stonyfield YoBaby or YoKids 4oz – 6 pack
Brown paper lunch bags
Googly eyes
Orange washi tape
Water colors
Paint brush
Coffee filters
Hot glue gun & glue sticks

Fun Yogurt Cup Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

Creating your yogurt cup turkeys

Your first step will be to paint the coffee filter “tails.” They dry really quickly, but it’s still best to knock them out right away! My girls and I just dabbed on brown, red, yellow, and orange paint from our water color set, and they turned out great! Then just lay them out to dry!

How to make a yogurt cup turkey

The turkey body

Next, you’ll need to get your brown turkey “body” ready. Cut a 2.5 inch strip from the bottom of a brown paper bag. You’ll end up with a loop. Cut it open, wrap it around the Stonyfield yogurt cup, cut to the correct length, and tape to secure. One loop will be able to cover several yogurt cups.

How to make a yogurt cup thanksgiving turkey craft


**If you want to be able to keep the craft, make sure you don’t tape directly on the yogurt cup. That way once it’s snack time, you can just slide the turkey portion off without having to rip it! This is also great if you want to make the craft ahead of time but not store fully assembled turkeys in your fridge ;)

DIY Yogurt Cup Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

The turkey face

Now it’s time to make your turkey face! Your yogurt cup needs to be upside down at this point – the lid provides the perfect base to keep your turkey upright and leaves plenty of room for the tail to shine!

Cut a triangle “beak” from your orange washi tape and then position two googly eyes above and secure with glue.

Make this adorable yogurt cup turkey craft just in time for Thanksgiving

The turkey tail

Ok, tail time! Once your coffee filters are dry, crumple them up into a little ball and then spread them back out. This adds some dimension and “fluff” to your tails ;)

Now fold it into fourths and tuck up the bottom triangle piece so you have a flat edge (see below). Then simply use your glue gun to secure the tail to the back of the yogurt cup! I added a couple of extra dabs of hot glue inside the tail to keep the folded portions intact.

Easy tutorial for yogurt cup turkey craft

A turkey treat

And that’s it! Sweet little turkeys that are just as cute as they are delicious! Stonyfield has tons of awesome flavors that kids {and moms} love to gobble down. Plus we all love a healthy snack that we can feel good serving!

These would be perfect to take to school, play dates, or just to make snack time at home a little more special! Let me know if you make these yogurt cup turkeys with your little ones this Thanksgiving!

Yogurt Cup Turkey Craft

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xoxo joanna

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