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Yogurt Pouch Reindeer Craft { + Snack}

This post is sponsored by Stonyfield, a brand my family loves! All content and opinions are my own.

Hey mamas! Are you in the Christmas spirit yet? You will be after this post! I’m back with another craft/snack – because there’s nothing better than an adorable craft you can eat ;)

Yogurt Pouch Reindeer Craft
These yogurt pouch reindeer are the perfect addition to any holiday gathering with kiddos! I mean, Stonyfield’s bright red lids are practically begging to be Rudolph’s shiny nose!

Play date? Check! Class snack? You bet! Ornament making party? Oh yeah!

The reindeer easily slide on and off the yogurt pouch, so you can prep these ahead of time for easy fridge storage! Or, be like me and make these with your kiddos and devour right away ;)

This adorable yogurt pouch reindeer craft (and snack) is perfect for Christmas!

Yogurt Pouch Reindeer Craft {+ Snack}

What you need to get started


Stonyfield Yogurt Pouches
Brown paper lunch bags
Googly eyes
School glue
Hot glue gun & glue sticks
Decorative tape
Brown pipe cleaners

DIY yogurt pouch reindeer

Creating your yogurt pouch reindeer

To get started, trim your brown paper lunch bag approximately 5.5″ from the bottom (closed/folded side). Stick a Stonyfield yogurt pouch inside (all you should be able to see is the red lid – aka, Rudolph’s nose) and fold the extra width of the bag around the back.

Now use your decorative tape to secure the bag around the yogurt pouch.

How to make a yogurt pouch reindeer

With your bag in place, now you can add your googly eyes! I used school glue so my girls could help, but you can use hot glue here if you want.

Next up you’ll be creating your antlers! This just takes some trial and error, but I promise it’s easy! Just fold your pipe cleaner in half and then twist the ends of each side to make the spiky (technical term here, haha) parts of the antlers. Hot glue is best for securing your antlers to the back of your reindeer.

How to make a yogurt pouch reindeer craft and snack

A tasty reindeer treat

And with just a few simple steps, you have a super cute (and super delicious) reindeer treat! Stonyfield has lots of awesome flavors of yogurt pouches, so you can find something for everyone! Strawberry Beet Berry is always the first to fly out of our fridge around here!

Let me know if you give this crafty snack a try! Enjoy this holiday season mamas :)

Super cute yogurt pouch reindeer craft (and snack!)

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xoxo joanna

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